Central Baptist College is committed to transforming lives through education that integrates Christian faith and academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment.

In 1951, the churches of Arkansas joined together to form the Baptist Missionary Association of Arkansas (BMA AR). The Missions Department’s goal is to spread the Gospel by building new churches in areas where people need to be connected to a community of faith.

TheĀ Baptist Trumpet (newspaper) is designed to inspire and inform our readers. Each issue includes up-to-date news articles about matters that pertain to the religious community as a whole, inspirational articles and stories pertaining to our churches. We include regular reports about the activities of the other three departments of the BMA of Arkansas (Central Baptist College, State Missions, and Youth Department) as well as the various departments of the BMA of America.

We are the Baptist Missionary Association of Arkansas Youth Department. Born from a desire to helpĀ volunteer, part-time, & full-time student ministry workers.